Bellisimo Botanicals Founder & Owner – John Shaughnessy

Hi, my name is John Shaughnessy and I am the creator and owner of Bellisimo Botanicals LLC, I’ve worked in the medical marijuana industry for over 4 years and have taken roles in almost every sector I could get involved in, starting as a trimmer and grower in Los Angeles I was lucky enough to start out somewhere that had growers doing all of the work from seed or clone to donation. Which over time I’ve come to find out Is very different depending on where you go, as some later operations I worked at had each point of the grow cycle separated with different people filling more specific roles than general oversight of the operation like I had. 

California is where I expanded more on the idea that I wanted to develop and design products so I started a small edible company called Lunar Edibles back in 2015. Even back then I was devoted to producing products that were all lab tested, consistent, reliable, and made at a competitive price for consumers. Currently I have ventured into the industrial hemp market to bring these same standards I stood for previously to industrial hemp products now. This is where Bellisimo Botanicals came into fruition in June of 2018. At the time I locked down the name on as many platforms as I could and began to plan for a very successful place In the new and emerging hemp market.


Our Vision

Bio availability is the center of our vision, by creating products that you get the most out of for your purchase. We refuse to create any products that are deemed sub par by our standards. These products include any and all edibles, drinks, and capsules made with CBD isolate or full or broad spectrum extract. It doesn’t matter, the amount absorbed by your body is same across the board with these because they are the same method of delivery which is ingestion. We believe in sublingual tinctures, topically applied products, properly made nano emulsions, and vaporizing cbd concentrates. One day we might provide vape cartridges, but they must pass CAT 3 testing to ensure they are safe for you! Majority if not all cartridges contain traces of lead and other contaminants that we never want to give to a consumer, so until a higher quality of cartridge becomes the norm we wont be touching those. As for the strength of our products, the labels tell all. You may notice for topicals our minimum strength is 100mg, and for the CBD Drops (tincture) it’s 1,000mg/ 33mg/serving.  For our drops we’ve heard 20 to 25mg is a common starting serving size, so we up’d it slightly to 33mg of CBD. Which you can try for free from us anytime, just  come stop by on a giveaway day at one of our retail locations.