G Funk Flower


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New G Funk flower with amazing taste and bag appeal! Maximum potency with maximum chill! These tasty hemp flowers are a great way to intake CBD whether it be a morning smoke, or before bedtime. In accordance with federal guidelines, as with our other smokeable/vaporized hemp this product is under 0.3% Δ9-THC. Containing over 18% total cannabinoids this is for sure, the cream of the crop when it comes to smokeable hemp. Testing in at 12% CBD and 6% CBG, G Funk is a great strain with a full spectrum profile. When consumed this will induce the entourage effect, creating a brilliant synergy of effects between all the cannabinoids it contains.

Slow cured and hand trimmed post harvest processes make our G Funk flower of the top tier quality on the market to satisfy what you’re looking for in CBD flower. The bag appeal alone has a sparkling crystalline look that will make any seasoned veteran cannabis users mouth water. This strain has a distinct overpowering sweet aroma with a gassy undertone. Satisfaction is essential from Bellisimo Botanicals, smoke, vaporize, or infuse the oil of your choice. If you’re currently undergoing drug testing, it is not advised to use this product as it contains trace amounts of delta 9 THC and THCa.

For those who don’t like to smoke or use a vaporizer, there is always the option to cook with our flowers. Commonly people will infuse an oil such as olive, coconut, mct, or hemp oil. Another popular option is to infuse a high fat product such as butter, or grease for maximum bioavailability. For a vegan option, feel free to use a plant based butter as most have similar levels of fat compared to animal derived versions. Checkout our blogs page or our steemit channel for more information on how to create an infused food. The steemit page features different how-to’s regarding basic recipes and formulation.


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